A clear understanding of the dependence of mechanical properties of bone remains a task not fully achieved. In order to estimate the mechanical properties in bones for implants, pore cross-section area, calcium content, and apparent density were measured in trabecular bone samples for human implants. Samples of fresh and defatted bone tissue, extracted from one year old bovines, were cut in longitudinal and transversal orientation of the trabeculae. Pore cross-section area was measured with an image analyzer. Compression tests were conducted into rectangular prisms.

Introduction: Cholecystectomy is a common surgical procedure in which complications may occur, such as injury to the biliary tract, which are associated with high morbidity. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the efficacy of a polymer-based absorbable bioprosthesis with bone scaffold for the treat- ment of bile duct injury in an animal model.

La respuesta del tejido óseo al Nukbone® se evaluó histológicamente en conejos. Los ani- males fueron perforados en ambas crestas iliacas para crear una zona de daño, donde la derecha fue implantada con Nukbone®.